We have carried out this catalogue with the objective of releasing our company and our working system to you, always directed to offer you the best service. In this edition of the catalogue we have incorporated new branches of services which have motivated us to divide our range into five depart-ments very well distinguished.
PIGLETS Pigs integration.
AGRA Farm equipment.
OPCIPORC Meat and animals commercia-lisation.
OBRES 128 Construcciones y promociones.
AGRAC Legal, countable and financial consultancy.
We hope that this catalogue is an useful tool which allows you to know all the different departments and the people who are working here. Our goal is to be at your service to advise you about any additional information you need.

With our best greetings.
At the beginning of the 1987 the company COMERCIAL AGRA, S.A. was set up. The ativity of this company was the installation and sales of farm material, mostly for Catalan clients. Near the year 90, the activity of the company was expanded to the rest of Spain with the manufacture of PVC feeders. The company was also working with the commer-cialisation of feeders from USA and the commercialisation of pig flooring from a well-known Dutch company.

In the year 1990 as well, we adquired a farm of 250 sows from where we began the activity of the company PIGLETS. Since then, the experience in management is taken and also the testings of farm material prototypes are developed.

During the pig crisis in 1993, some Dutch farmers realising about the fact that they had to sell the piglets at a very low prices, they began the activity of fattening pigs in Spain with the integration system. They started with a farm of 780 piglets together with the company PIGLETS.

After 7 years of many expe-riences, nowadays our company manages 100.000 pigs with the integration system and manages diverse fattening farms and sow farms, with a very large range of services under a net of companies which are named AGRA GROUP, which we are going to see it later.
Our way of understanding the business has been always clear and without any links between the different services of the company. Each person or company is able to work with one of our companies without being obliged to work with the others.
We are located in the heart of Catalonia, in the province of Lleida, in the village of Agramunt, very closed to some feeding Co-operatives, slaughterhouses and service companies. This is an advantage because we are able to achieve an appraised value for the transport and for the sales in larger quantities, helping to be competitive in pigs integration.

To go to Agramunt, you should take the N-II in Barcelona, direction Zaragoza-Madrid. At 120 Km. far from Barcelona, you get the exit number 517 near the village of Cervera. Another option is to take the exit number 508 near the village of Tárrega. Both ara at 18 Km. from Agramunt.

Ctra. Cervera, Km. 19 - 25310 AGRAMUNT - Lleida (Spain) - Tel: +34 973 390 905 / Fax: +34 973 391 017 - agra@grupagra.com